Medieval Weapons and Combat Ready Swords. Our website offers Various Battle-Ready Swords, Battle Axes, Halberds, Flanged Maces, War Hammers, Flails with Spiked Balls and of course Complete Suits of Armor and Helmets and other Decorative Items and Giftware such as Knight and Dragon Figurines. We offer swords that are battle-ready, swords that are display or decoration and also wooden swords for sword combat practicing.


Medieval Weapons is a general term describing all the weapons used during the medieval times. The medieval weapons mostly consisted of single handed or two handed swords, battle axes, flails, maces, spears, halberds, bows, medieval crossbows and others. Siege weaponry was also used in the Middle Ages. Our free catalog includes mostly melee weaponry that was used in combat by knights and warriors. Our weapons replicas are manufactured by skilfull craftsmen in similar ways as those weapons were made durign the Middle Ages. This allowed us to achieve the authentic look of the weapon replicas.

Our website also contains Roman, Greek and medieval armor and swords. The medieval armor collection includes full size, decorative and wearable suits of armor and also half-armor. The armor collection, in addtion to full suits of armor, consists also of armor pieces such as gorgets, steel and leather gauntlets, studded bracers made of heavy leather, chainmail and of course helmets. The helmet collection is very large and it offers various Greek, Roman, fantasy and medieval helmets that are full size and wearable. The helmets can be worn with additional padding or lining or simply displayed on one of ours wooden or metal helmet stands. The catalog features many decorative items such as knight and fantasy banners, wall tapestries, very unique door knockers with bronze or bras finish, Celtic and crusader crosses, giant knight figurines and statues that are made of resin and carefully hand-painted to the slightest detail. We also offer collectible dragon figurines that come in various sizes, from small to large. Please don't forget to check other items such as sword letter openers, Celtic jewelry made of Sterling silver or pewter, medieval pendants, slave bracelets, necklaces and brooches and pins.

Medieval Weapons

Our medieval weapons include authentic looking functional and battle ready swords, medieval flails, halberds, battle axes, spears, war clubs and war hammers, crossbows, maces and many others. Our weapons are manufactured by skillful craftsmen using the same techniques used in the Middle Ages. The quality of our medieval weapons speaks on its own.

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